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Advantages of Products

Henan Joinrise Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.1.Extensive Experience

Over 50 years special experience

Get technical know-how

Customized special solution


2.Strict Quality Control

CE Certificate

ISO 9001/2008 QMS Certificate

Modern Manufacturing lines

Comprehensive QA system

The third party inspection guarantee


3.Uncompromising strength

Advanced research achievments,outstanding technical design.

Precision manufacturing technology with patented technology.

Efficient operation and long life, reduce maintenace costs.

Patented technology gives it superior wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Through long-term use, it proves that the working life is beyond 6 times as much as normal conveyor pulley under the same envioronment.

We established a new standard in this field.


4.Excellent Sub-Contractors

From raw material to electrical equipment, we select excellent sub-contractors for providing high quality guarantee and service.


5.High Effective Install & Maintain

We takes goods delivery as one special process, module engineering ensure shorten install and maintain time, high effective at site. we also provide spare parts maintain without stop conveyor.


6.Lifetime Service

Perfect and efficient service system

Reply your inquiry or questions within 24 hours.